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Inventory management

Inventory management system: we manage your inventory

A good inventory management system forms the foundation for a successful online shop. For years, LDC has been a specialist in the field of fulfilment and logistical management. With the help of our inventory management system, we can also take care of your order processing and storage needs. 

Why outsource your inventory management?

  • Immediate insight into your stock levels

  • No need to set up and maintain your own warehouse

  • Secure and dust-free storage

  • Most efficient e-fulfilment warehouses in the NL, DE, UK and Europe

  • The warehouse will automatically expand or shrink along with your inventory level

Most efficient e-fulfilment warehouses in the DE, UK and Europe

​LDC has the most efficient e-fulfilment warehouses in the NL,DE,UK and Europe. We can process millions of parcels per year. Our Autostore system makes inventory management and storage even faster and easier. Our robots make sure products are placed in one of the warehouse's 200,000 storage bins. Products are processed and ready to be sold within four hours of reception. With our storage system, we can store up to six times as many products per square metre. This significantly reduces our and your footprint, which makes our solution optimally sustainable.

Immediate insight into your stock levels

You will receive automatically generated reports at 12.00 and 17.00 that specify what products had their inventory levels changed. Would you like to know how many products you have in stock and when it is time to refill your inventory? Our inventory management system monitors everything closely and ensures we can e.g. respond adequately to peaks in the order volume. You can request online reports of warehouse movements and inventory levels, as well as an age analysis.

Tailor-made inventory management system

Your company is unique, as are your products and your customers. We therefore tailor our inventory management system to suit your wishes and needs exactly. Accommodating multiple suppliers or non-standard delivery times is no problem for us. With the help of our inventory management system, we can always find the right tailor-made solution. Do you have products that are too large for the Autostore bins? Not a problem; we also have a manual warehouse.

Outsource your inventory management?

Would you like to outsource your inventory management and other e-fulfilment servicesContact us today. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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